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Vans x Peanuts Christmas Pack: Singapore Release Info

Vans x Peanuts are back with another joint collection this Christmas season.

All images: Vans Singapore


The Vans x Peanuts Holiday Pack 2017 is set to drop on November 24.

The Vans x Peanuts Christmas Pack comes out this month, and you can expect another batch of fun-filled designs on sneakers, tops and even socks.

This collection being released in Singapore includes a Classic Slip-On silhouette with illustrations of Snoopy and Charlie Brown embracing the Christmas spirit on both uppers. It also features assorted socks with the same theme and a hoodie with a snowy Vans logo on the front. Long sleeve t-shirts have been prioritized over short-sleeved t-shirts this chilly holiday season, and they come with various Christmas-themed designs as well.

The world and characters of Charlie Brown and friends have always been loved by many, and fans will be happy to know that they can purchase the collection very soon.

The apparel will be released on November 24 at selected Vans outlets around the country. 

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