Staten Island Teens Caught for Setting Sneakers on Fire

Staten Island Teens Caught for Setting Sneakers on Fire

Two teenagers from Staten Island were accused of arson, after lighting a pair of sneakers on fire on Saturday.


Staten Island teens Matthew Foronjy and George Figueroa were apprehended after setting a pair of sneakers ablaze.

According to court documents, Foronjy and Figueroa, both aged 18, performed the deed on the back steps of a house on Amboy Road. The shoes were left charred and melted.

The defendants also allegedly broke into a black Lexus and went through the car looking for something to steal.

The next day, both of them, along with another teen, Dante Desiderio, also aged 18, returned to the site and pulled the handles of the car.

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Foronjy and Figueroa have been arrested and charged with arson, petit larceny, criminal mischief and criminal trespass. Desiderio, who was found with marijuana oh him, has been charged with possession of marijuana and criminal trespass.

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