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Current Openings (Updated: 23 September 2020)

None at the moment.

We offer internship positions throughout the year and we recommend applying in advance. Of our best interns, some have gone on to greater things, others have stayed on to continue contributing to Straatosphere. If you’re looking to jumpstart a career in the media industry, meet new people, create meaningful work and be mentored by a friendly team, email

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Straatosphere Alumni 

Daniel Loy, Copywriter at Zalora: “Straatosphere opened my eyes to Asia’s sneaker and street culture scene and made me a better, more well-rounded content writer. I was empowered to share/execute creative ideas and delve into the design and events management aspects of the business. Teammates and creatives I met have become close friends and a source of inspiration to this day. There’s no doubt that Straatosphere shaped my career. No matter what skills or level of experience you bring to the table, potential is always recognised and you can expect career development as part of the reward, so long as you put in the hard work and are up for the challenge!”
Previously: Content Producer, October 2013-January 2017.

Allan Chan, Junior Designer for Asian Scientist Magazine:
“I gained invaluable experiences from Straatosphere like organisational and time management skills, understanding and curating digital content, attention to detail where it comes to writing, and the importance of having interpersonal skills. Working at Straatosphere allowed me to meet some extremely creative and talented people in the local scene. The work environment was superb – if you have the right attitude, work is play and you learn so much more that way. If you’re worried that Straatosphere churns out content like a clickbaiting machine, fret not because in the three months I was there, the writers never compromised quality just to get an article out quickly. I’ve brought my knowledge and understanding of media publishing at Straatosphere over to my current job. It was helpful in warming me up for the editorial and publishing industry which is a fast-paced environment.”

Previously: Content Producer, Intern, May-August 2016.


Timothy Suen, Photographer: “Working at Straatosphere has opened my eyes to the streetwear and sneaker scene in Singapore and without the experience I have gained from working there, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I was exposed to many different things, from meeting and interviewing leaders in the industry as well as creatives all over Singapore, working on launch projects for global brands, and working with subculture communities. Moreover, I’ve honed my skills in copywriting and photography which I have taken with me to my subsequent jobs and my journey as an independent photographer. The most important thing is perhaps the fact that employees are given the freedom to be themselves, because individuality and creativity is valued.”
Previously: Content Producer, Intern, March-July 2015.