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A classic reborn: A detailed look at the iconic Converse Chuck 70

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The Converse Chuck 70 is a tribute to the basketball shoe that dominated American courts in the 1970s.

converse chuck 70 pair
The Chuck 70 retains a strong family resemblance with the Chuck Taylor but comes with sturdier, more premium fixings.

When you put on the Converse Chuck 70, you’re not just wearing sneakers; you’re embodying the brand’s original spirit.

Chuck Taylor, the American sneaker that was popular with young adults and musicians when it first launched in the 1970s, continues to be loved today. To give people a classic sneaker they could wear well into the future, Converse gave the Chuck Taylor an upgrade in 2013, resulting in the Converse Chuck 70.

The Chuck 70 retains a strong family resemblance with the Chuck Taylor but comes with sturdier, more premium fixings. Thanks to the facelift, the Converse Chuck 70 have been the shoe of choice for high profile collaborations with fashion designers such as Virgil Abloh and J.W. Anderson.

Converse Chuck 70: Details at a glance

Converse Chuck 70 vs Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

The Chuck 70 carries forward many details found on the Chuck Taylor All Star, such as stitching on the sides of the shoes and a vintage license plate in black, stamped onto its heels. The contrasting white stitching that gives the shoes its raw, rugged look is also maintained. But there are some differences between the Chuck 70 and its predecessor, here they are:


Put the Chuck 70 and the All Star next to each other and you’ll notice the difference lies in its midsole. The Chuck 70 has a chunkier, off-white midsole that complements its vintage design. But it’s not all chunk and nothing else; inside the shoe is a thick, arched Ortholite insole that’ll help protect the soles of your feet all through the day.

Durable canvas upper 

The Chuck 70 is made with a premium double ply canvas, making it more durable. This gives the shoe more structure to its neck, allowing it to stand tall and proud. 

Toe box

Unlike the All Star’s white toe box, the Chuck 70’s toe box has been varnished to match its creamy, off-white outsole. This gives the shoe its slightly worn-out look that all Converse fans know and love.

Reinforced stitching

The Chuck 70 comes with reinforced stitching near the toe, a feature that sneakerheads look out for.

In short, the Converse Chuck 70 is a super versatile, genuinely comfortable and handsome pair of sneakers. The best part? A “Players Card” graphic, stamped onto the shoe tongue encourages further personalization with its blank space for a name or initials.

Where to buy

The Converse Chuck 70 comes in a medley of vintage colors like Sunflower, Dark Burgundy, and Egret. Browse the slideshow below for a full breakdown of all the colorways available.

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The shoes are priced at S$129.90 (high top) and S$109.90 (low top). You can purchase them online or click here for a list of Converse stores in Singapore.

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