New Balance 327: A guide to sizing for Asians and styling tips

New Balance 327: A guide to sizing for Asians and styling tips

The New Balance 327 is one of the most significant sneaker arrivals this year.

New Balance 327 Sizing feature

If you’ve yet to pick up a pair, our New Balance 327 sizing and style guide might just be your go-to reference to clear up any doubts.

The New Balance 327 has low-key earned its hype in 2020. The raving interest from its debut – a collaboration with fashion label Casablanca – has kept demand for even its general colorway releases at an all-time high. While Nike’s iconic Dunks are rising in popularity this year, New Balance’s latest silhouette looks like a challenger with a unique design that is also reminiscent of bygone eras.

In fact, the sneaker draws heavy inspiration from narrow runners released in the 70s. This could well be a tricky situation when it comes to picking the right size due to its streamlined shape. But we’ve got you covered. Check out our New Balance 327 sizing and styling guide for a quick and proper rundown of the sneaker.

Sizing tips

New Balance 327 Sizing outsole

The New Balance 327’s streamlined design truly sets it apart from the brand’s lineup of sneakers. The 327 is a lot narrower, especially around the midfoot area. For Asians, who generally have lower arches and wider feet, your best bet is going up half a size. As a point of reference, if you own a pair of NB990 in size US8.5, you might want to consider going up to a US9. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a normal to higher arch with a narrow forefoot, you’re good sticking true to size with this one.

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Styling tips

New Balance 327 Sizing sockliner

The New Balance 327 has an incredibly versatile shape and design which goes with a number of looks. Whether you pair these with baggy pants or beach shorts, the outfit would still look cohesive. But these sneakers are a lot wider than they look in images. If you have smaller ankles, avoid bottoms that are anything skinnier than slim fit. If you’re going for a cozy vibe with baggy shorts, a pair of thick, high socks goes a long way. It will help add some weight to your ankle and create a proportionate look. Now, all that’s left is for you to snap up a pair and try it on for yourselves.

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Did you find our New Balance 327 sizing and styling guide useful? Let us know if you’d cop a pair in the comments section below.

Feature Image: Hypebeast
On-feet image: New Balance, Instagram/ @mrjoeylocc, @chinyatlaw, @21savage

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