Find “双喜” (double happiness) with The Corner Shop x Graye Studio collab

Find “双喜” (double happiness) with The Corner Shop x Graye Studio collab

Meeting in the middle, The Corner Shop x Graye Studio collaboration merges both brands’ aesthetics to create a minimalist workwear collection that stands out with unique design details.

The Corner Shop Graye Studio 双喜 Arrives In Singapore Febraury 14The Corner Shop

Model: The Corner Shop x Graye Studio 双喜
Drop date: February 14
Price: S$49 (compact wallet), S$109 (cargo shorts), S$169 (hood blazer)
Shop here: The Corner Shop | Graye Studio 

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Inspired by the Chinese phrase 双喜, meaning double happiness associated with marriage, The Corner Shop x Graye Studio 双喜 collection is a perfect union of both brands’ aesthetics. The three-piece collection is the result of The Corner Shop’s bold streetwear design sensibilities and Graye Studio’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. 

The first item is a detachable hood blazer (S$169) in a black and khaki colorway. The adaptable design offers the ability to remove the hood of the blazer and store it in a back pocket. A cross-body rope gives the user the ability to hook it in different ways to create different silhouettes and shapes. 

To complement the blazers are the drawstring balloon cargo shorts (S$109) in identical colorways. Besides offering more than enough pockets for any occasion, drawstrings at the waist and the knee allows wearers to adjust the shape and look of the shorts to fit any outfit. 

Topping off the collection is a compact wallet (S$49). Once again color matched the rest of the collection, each wallet comes with coordinated slings that make it easy to carry around. 

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The nature-inspired, utilitarian collection will hit The Corner Shop and Graye Studio shelves on February 14. Follow their social media accounts, and @grayestudio for more information on the collection. 

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