10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cloakwork (Chern Loo)

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cloakwork (Chern Loo)

Artist, Cloakwork (Chern Loo), will be at the Kicks On sneaker convention to complete a graffiti mural live. We suss out 10 interesting facts about him.


1. Cloakwork has a secretive streak.
“Graffiti was originally illegal so graffiti writers would come up with a fake name to hide his/her true identity. ‘Cloak’ means to hide under a false appearance and I do like that way. I like to keep things secret and to keep my work going!”


2. He practised graffiti on cans.
“My ‘rebel life’ started in my first year of college. I found my daily routine as a student boring so I started practising graffiti on cans I picked up from a hardware shop.”


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3. Cloakwork describes his art as “hippie”. 
“My work is hippie, fun and colorful.”


4. He is inspired by news and issues of the day, among other things.
“Everything I come across inspires me – news, upcoming issues, never-ending tales, people, fashion icons.”


5. Cloakwork looks up to artists from as far away as Glasgow, to those who live in the region. 
“I am inspired by the works of Pose, SmugOne, Rime, Revok, Vans The Omega, Mr. Wany, and Michael Lau.”


6. He can’t pick a favorite out of all the characters he has created. 
“I like every character that I have ever created! It’s like making a mother choose a favorite child.”


7. An upcoming project Cloakwork looks forward to is titled Project Abandoned
Project Abandoned involves the sharing and discussion of thoughts, ideas, and sketches with my fellow college mates. Although we’re apart, our friendship remains strong.


8. For Cloakwork, art is 90% passion, 10% talent.
“Passion keeps a person from giving up easily.”


9. If he weren’t an artist, he’d be…
“Errr… A scientist of a nerdy bikini salesman?”


10. His favorite pair of sneakers are the Nike Free Woven 5.0.
“That’s my first pair of Nikes!” 

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