Straat Picks: Black Friday Must-Haves from Karmaloop

Straat Picks: Black Friday Must-Haves from Karmaloop

Black Friday is here, and this means price slashes from streetwear retailers like Karmaloop! Check out our specially selected streetwear picks and shop away!


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With the advent of e-shopping, Black Friday discounts have gone beyond brick-and-mortar shops and onto cyberspace, allowing just about anyone to enjoy price cuts from their favorite online shopping portal. Browse through our choices from Karmaloop and read on to find out how you can enjoy its massive Black Friday discounts.

For those who simply can’t wait, start shopping here and remember to use code “BLKLIGHT” to enjoy special discounts at Karmaloop!

For Him:

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For Her:

This Black Friday, enjoy discounts and free US shipping (US$8 off international shipping) with a minimum spending of US$35. Discounts are progressive: 15% for orders above US$35; 20% for orders above $US75; 25% for orders above US$150 and 40% for orders above US$350. Our tip? Consolidate you and your friend’s purchases into one big order to enjoy the most savings! Don’t forget to use the code “BLKLIGHT” at checkout! Click here to get started.

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