5 Booze Home Delivery Companies in Singapore

5 Booze Home Delivery Companies in Singapore

Whether you’re running out of drinks or are too lazy to run out to get drinks, here are 5 booze home delivery companies that will solve your alcohol problems.

By Hiasa Kyte

1. Mabuk Monkey


Image via facebook.com/MabukMonkey

With our favourite Malay/Singlish term for drunkard in its name, Mabuk Monkey is as affectionately Singaporean as it gets. These alcohol-providing apes will send your order over within an hour from 6pm to midnight (except on Mondays) with free delivery for purchases over S$50 (otherwise, delivery costs S$10). Their menu features the usual suspects in the world of beer, wine and spirits and they also stock a range from local microbrewery Brewerkz.

To order: 6294 1714, www.mabukmonkey.com

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2. Winelah!


Image via winelah.com.sg

Sticking with Singaporeanisms, Winelah! Is a one-stop online shop for all things vino – from Australia to Austria and everything in-between. They deliver from Mondays to Saturdays and orders made before 1pm can be prepared for same day express delivery for a S$30 fee. Normal deliveries cost S$20 and will be made within two working days.

To order: 6684 4440, www.winelah.com.sg


3. Liquor Bar


Image via facebook.com/sgliquorbar

If you’ve got a taste for the finer things in life and no ordinary blended whisky or non-frosted vodka bottle will do, then Liquor Bar is the company for you. Listed in their impressive selection are full ranges of single malt whiskies like The Macallan, Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich and Yamazaki, along with specialty rums and gins, and all the flavored vodkas you could ever want. The minimum order is S$100 and delivery costs S$10.

To order: 6253 2153, www.liquorbar.sg

4. Alcohol Delivery


Should you find yourself in the company of a guest you need to impress, then Alcohol Delivery will do the trick. In addition to more run-of-the-mill drinks, they also carry ultra-high-end cognac like Remy Martin Louis XIII and Richard Hennessy. If bubbly is what you require, they have a special option for orders of Veuve Clicquot – you can have them sent over with a champagne sabre. Yes, an actual sword, delivered within one hour from 10am to 2am daily. Delivery is free for orders above S$50 or S$6 for anything less.

To order: 9244 5533, www.alcoholdelivery.com.sg

5. Ring to Drink


So, the party’s gone on a bit longer than expected and now you’re stuck with a group of buzzing friends at 2am with only one beer left in the fridge. Surely it’s too late for more? Not if Ring to Drink has anything to say about it. They operate 24/7 so it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. Like some of the other companies listed, delivery is free for orders over S$50, but anything below that will only set you back S$5.

To order: 8251 2222, www.ringtodrink.com

Know of a provider that can be added to our list of 5 booze home delivery companies in Singapore? Leave a comment below!

Hiasa Kyte is a contributor to Straatosphere. From absinthe to zinfandel, Hiasa drinks it all. While he knows his way around grand old whiskies and Bordeaux First Growths, he gets his real kicks trying unheralded booze found on the dusty lower shelves of the alcohol world. 

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