5 Questions with Korean Artist Chu Mirim

5 Questions with Korean Artist Chu Mirim

Korean artist Chu Mirim was in town for the opening of her first Singapore solo exhibition, <www. the world we live in>, located at Galerie Steph. Find out more about her through our exclusive interview.

By Daniel Loy


Hi Mirim, tell us more about your decision to be an artist.
(Laughs) I’m not good at anything else. I started doing art installations after I finished studying fine art at École des Beaux-Arts de Versailles in France. I was there for three years, from 2006 to 2008. Previously, I was a visual designer from 2002 to 2006.

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What is your inspiration behind your current showcase, <www.the world we live in>?
I took my inspiration from the Internet and social media. In particular, I looked into the relationships between human-to-human as well as human-to-Internet. My current showcase is a reflection of these relationships.


Do you think traditional art techniques will be replaced by design software?
The basic fundamentals of traditional art techniques won’t change, but there will definitely be more collaboration with the new technology. For example, although my showcase is about the world of Internet and social media, I used papers and other materials as well as the traditional concept of drawing to make my work.


How was the experience of working with other companies?
The collaborations with companies such as GAP and UNIQLO were fun and commercially successful. There are many companies I would like to collaborate with in future, such as Nike, Stussy and Supreme.


How do you find Singapore so far?
It’s my first time in Singapore; so far I think that Singapore is beautiful, with interesting architecture. I look forward to coming back here again. Hopefully I’ll get to work together with some of the local artists!

<www. the world we live in> by Chu Mirim
Chu Mirim’s showcase, on now till November 30th, brings to life the bizarre graphic world of the Internet through silkscreen, ink, needlework and paint on paper and canvas. The site-specific installation seamlessly ties over 15 works together. For more information, visit Galerie Steph.

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