5 Reasons to Get the Samsung Galaxy S5

5 Reasons to Get the Samsung Galaxy S5

Need a reason to get the new Samsung Galaxy S5? Here are five, including one that’ll give you a leg-up when you purchase online. Read on to find out more.

By Chris Ong

1. Advanced camera functions
The S5 improves on the camera function of its predecessor by adding three megapixels, bringing it to a total of 16 megapixels for large, sharp pictures. Quick focusing is also crucial to capture those fleeting moments, and the S5 delivers with an Auto Focus time of only 0.3 seconds. The new Selective Focus feature allows users to focus on a specific area of the picture, blurring out the other parts and mimicking the shallow depth of field (DOF) effect that’s achievable with expensive cameras.

2. Blazing fast download speeds
As if having LTE/4G and the latest generation of Wi-Fi isn’t enough, the S5 comes with Download Booster, an innovative technology that boosts download speeds by using Wi-Fi and LTE/4G concurrently. Think speeds up to 3 times faster as compared to using just Wi-Fi or LTE/4G only.

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3. A host of health-centric features
Want to be on top of your health and fitness? The S5 has an Enhanced S Health fitness tracking system which will keep you committed to a healthier lifestyle. This comes in the form of an in-built pedometer, heart rate sensor and calorie intake and physical activities tracker. Take it a step further with Samsung’s host of wearable devices – Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit – that will help you stay connected while on the go and enhance your outdoor experience.

4. Free bundled premium apps and services
Every set of S5 comes with the GALAXY Gift Package that’s worth over S$600. The package includes free subscriptions to premium fitness apps like a 12-month membership of RunKeeper and a 6-month premium access to MapMyFitness. Our favorite is the free 50Gb storage on Dropbox that’s valid for 24 months, giving us the perfect place and ample storage to automatically back up our photos and documents.

5. Fingerprint technology x PayPal
Yes, the S5 comes with fingerprint technology, and thanks to a partnership with PayPal, S5 users will be the first to be able to make their purchases at PayPal merchants with just a swipe of the finger. This secure, biometric feature makes remembering passwords and login details a thing of the past and saves you precious time.

Imagine an irresistible sneaker release that’s got every sneakerhead in a tizzy. Rather than fumbling over credit card details or having to log in to PayPal, both of which will take you at least a minute, precious time that could cost your chance at copping the shoe, just swipe your finger to complete the purchase. No fuss at all.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE will be available from April 12th and will retail for S$1,068 without a contract.

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