5 Tracks for this Week’s Grind: Disclosure, Angel Haze, Chief Keef, Nao & Alicia Keys

5 Tracks for this Week’s Grind: Disclosure, Angel Haze, Chief Keef, Nao & Alicia Keys

Here are some tracks we’ve been digging that are sure to set your week straight. This week’s selection includes some big names like Disclosure, Alicia Keys and Chief Keef and new releases by Angel Haze and Nao.

1) “Omen”, Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

Disclosure, the team behind the track “Latch” that shot them to stardom upon release in 2012, is back with their newest single “Omen” from their upcoming album Caracal. Sam Smith comes on board and takes “Omen” to a whole new level with his seductive crooning backed against Disclosure’s groovy synth bouncing off the hi-hats in the rhythm. If we had to pick a dream pairing come true, this would be it.

2) “Impossible”, Angel Haze

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Angel Haze delivers by spitting fire on this hard and heavy track. “Impossible” isn’t like your classic weepy break-up song, it sucks you in with Angel Haze’s classic bars against bass and throws you out, leaving you wanting more.

3) “Superheroes”, Chief Keef ft. A$AP Rocky

Chief Keef finally dropped his long-awaited rumored collaboration with A$AP Rocky. Featuring a booming trap beat, they compare themselves to our childhood superheroes. With Rocky’s delivery referring to himself as “Wolverine in skinny jeans,” this track is a banger for sure.

4) “Golden”, Nao

Having featured industry favorites like Mura Masa, Nao released an EP titled February 15 that showcases her airy, high register across five tracks like this one, “Golden”. The EP contains influences like funk, dubstep, neo-soul and deep house – much like what you would get in the early hours upon entering a club in the UK. However, Nao pieces each track together flawlessly, branding it with her own light-weightedness and blending it into something that’s much more than simply ear candy.

5) “28 Thousand Days”, Alicia Keys

Empower your week with this anthem referencing the average human lifespan of 76 years. Alicia Keys switches out her soul funk vibe for a more pop-inspired track to urge you to seize the day in “28 Thousand Days”. “There’s only 28,000 days / Who would you love, where would you go, what would you celebrate,” she croons over the horns. If you’re having a slow start to the week, this feel-good tune is definitely a pick-me-up!

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