5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Eric B & Rakim, The Internet, Wafia and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Eric B & Rakim, The Internet, Wafia and More

Here’s a solid playlist that we’ve been vibing to. This week’s picks include the good stuff from Eric B & Rakim, The Internet, Nujabes, Wafia and Cashmere Cat.

1) Eric B & Rakim, “Paid In Full”

Anyone claiming to be an ‘OG’ or hip-hop enthusiast will definitely have this track burned in their memory. Following their release of Eric B. Is President, this duo continues making waves with this track by taking on a new approach to spitting their bars. This track has been sampled and referenced to numerous times, as it should be.

2) The Internet ft. Kaytranada, “Girl”

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Assisted by well-favored producer Kaytranada, this track is truly one of the highlights off their album. The Odd Future sub-collective showcases their mellow groove over the cloying, thick bass. With suggestive lyrics and coy, come-hither vocals, this is surely something you can play in the background while chillin with your girl.

3) Nujabes, “Feather”

This cypher between Cise Star and Akin is backed up with piano riffs and smooth beats. The light keys and the soft thrum of the baseline highlights the other components of this track, making this one of the most popular tracks from Nujabes’ Modal Soul album.

4) Wafia, “Let Me Love You”

Wafia shot to fame shortly after mixing up Mario’s RnB classic with her own dreamy take of the song. Her velvety voice comes together with the smooth beat, taking down the raunchy aspect of the song and making it a perfect accompaniment to a cool summer evening.

5) Cashmere Cat, ” Mirror Maru”

This track is a brilliant mix of a less-mechanical approach to EDM, backed by drum samples and seemingly sporadic piano riffs. The build-up of the song leaves you in a slightly breathless stupor, and it’s not long before you find yourself hitting the replay button.


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