5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Mila J, Jaël, Greyson Chance, Kehlani & GoldLink

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Mila J, Jaël, Greyson Chance, Kehlani & GoldLink

It’s been a pretty good week so far – Deepavali gave us light, love, and a well-deserved break. Here are some tracks to keep you hyped for the upcoming weekend.

1) Destiny’s Child, “Lose My Breath (Jaël Edition)”

Jaël (NL) graced us with his talent at Kyo in Singapore on Monday as part of the Darker Than Wax Label Night. His electric performance has left us wanting more, so here’s his wicked flip of “Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child. PS: Ddefinitely download the full remix – link can be found in the track description here. The sensual sounds of keys and sax that feature in the opening are a testament to Jaël’s mad musicality.

2) Greyson Chance, “Afterlife (Frank Pole Remix)”

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Everyone and their moms must have already seen Greyson Chance’s stellar performance recently on Ellen. The boy-next-door has grown into this total stud, with sultry vocal chops to match. “Afterlife” was released just a few weeks back and has steadily gained tons of love, what with its radio-friendly lyrics and soft electronic touches.

Italian DJ Frank Pole has taken it upon himself to deliver a deep house remix, and boy does it take the track to greater levels. The elements of deep house were masterfully looped in by Pole, with heavy drops and clinging hooks that add to Greyson’s vocals. This is a club favorite in the making for sure.

3) Mila J, “Don’t”

Mila J’s new album is due this December, but already fans have been treated to a slew of releases in anticipation of the album’s official unveiling. This fresh drop was uploaded just last night, and her remix of Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t” is definitely one for the ladies.

Mila puts her spin on the lyrics and infuses them with her R&B influences that people have come to know and love her for.

4) Kehlani, “Jealous (Mr. Carmack Remix)”

The dream team of Kehlani and Mr. Carmack delivers a re-iteration of “Jealous” that is absolutely worth listening to. Taking Kehlani’s seductive vocals and pairing them with Carmack’s amazing production, the result is nothing short of a chill, smooth tune.

5) GoldLink ft. Louis Lastic, “Movin’ On”

Tupac fans will flock to this once they recognize the familiar sampling of the late rapper’s “I Get Around” track that’s used in this song. Goldlink spits some truth woven into imaginative fantasies in the verses of this post-breakup track. Louie Lastic ties everything in with his beats, blurring the lines of GoldLink’s intentions.

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