5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Maybe Sun, Elhae ft. SPZRKT, Christina Milian ft. Lil Wayne and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Maybe Sun, Elhae ft. SPZRKT, Christina Milian ft. Lil Wayne and More

It’s gloomy outside and you need a pick-me-up? This week’s mix might just do the trick. We’ve put together some good stuff from Maybe Sun, Jhameel, Daya, Christina Milian and Elhae.

1) Maybe Sun, “Lait Fraise”

This incredibly low-key French producer hardly releases music but when he does, you know it’s going to be a gem. “Lait Fraise” is a soft, dreamy piece of work with an overall wavy vibe that is perfect for gloomy Tuesday mornings like these.

2) Elhae ft. SPZRKT, “Take Care (Family Remix)”

This track is rightfully titled the Family Remix as it is a multi-way joint production by Graves, FORTUNE, J-Louis, PYRMDPLAZA and DrewsThatDude. The song is heavily doused in R&B elements, complete with seductive lyrics and buttery smooth vocals. The addition of the guitar and the thrumming bassline is sure to get temperatures rising, wherever you are.

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3) Daya, “Hide Away (Mr. E Remix)”

The original track may seem to illustrate your typical teenage first world problem but Daya’s musicianship comes through, making it extremely catchy regardless of the painfully juvenile lyrics. The remix has taken out all the best bits of the song and re-worked the track into something our crowd could definitely appreciate.

4) Jhameel, “Waves”

Jhameel isnt your typical songbird. The dude can play a myriad of instruments ranging from the guitar to the trumpet, and is fluent in 5 languages (including Korean and Arabic.) His knack for musicality is reflected across the breadth of his releases, but what he’s most favored for is his indie-pop spirit. “Waves” is a must-listen if you’re in the mood for an understated pop anthem, and it showcases his diverse vocal color, deft piano skills and a maraca.

5) Christina Milian ft. Lil Wayne, “Do It”

Even after the split, Christina Milian and Lil Wayne got back together for this sizzling track. In the song, Christina engages the listeners in a slow-burn jam, singing about her preference for bad boys. Lil Wayne’s comeback features raunchy verses that’ll make you blush.

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