5 Tracks for this Week’s Grind: Zedd, Meek Mill, Eminem, The Game & R. Kelly

5 Tracks for this Week’s Grind: Zedd, Meek Mill, Eminem, The Game & R. Kelly

Tracks we can’t stop listening to no matter how hard we try. This week’s picks include music from Zedd, Meek Mill, Eminem, The Game and R. Kelly.

1) “Done With Love”, Zedd

Playing to an enthused crowd in Singapore’s Zouk last week, Zedd (real name Anton Zaslavski) continues to fascinate on “Done With Love” with a killer mix of electronic beats. No judgment if you decide to break into a dance while listening to the track; the pace and vocals are too hard to resist.

2) “All Eyes On You”, Meek Mill feat. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown

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Meek Mills seemed to have it all together in his music video for “All Eyes on You”, a song that charts his relationship with Nicki Minaj. Unfortunately, he’s now dogged by the ongoing feud with Drake, as well as the rumors that the romance with Minaj may be over.

3) “Kings Never Die”, Eminem feat. Gwen Stefani

Part of the soundtrack for Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest movie Southpaw, “Kings Never Die” mirrors the grit and determination of Gyllenhaal’s character in the film, while doubling up as a reflection of Eminem’s brutal honesty. If you have trouble keeping up with this five-minute rapid-fire rap, cheat and read the full set of lyrics here.

4) “100”, The Game feat. Drake

The Game takes to the streets with Drake on this one, subtly pledging allegiance to his gang and Drake’s crew over at OVO. Calm yourself when the name “Meek Mills” pop up; this isn’t a third diss track that Drizzy’s prepping or anything like that.

5) “Backyard Party”, R. Kelly

Rounding up the list is this Friday-friendly track by R. Kelly that’ll make you feel good about everything life has to offer. Waxing lyrical about all the great things that make up a weekend, Kelly will put you in the mood as he does.

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