5cm x George Cox Classic Creepers

5cm x George Cox Classic Creepers

In celebration of its 15th anniversary this year, Hong Kong label 5cm collaborates with prominent British leather shoes label, George Cox to release a collection of classic creepers that exude much gentry flair.

Designed by 5cm, the limited edition 5cm x George Cox Classic Creepers are a classic pair of handcrafted, England-made Gibson Mersey lace-ups featuring George Cox’s original, thick rubber soles and fine calf leather with a functional YKK zipper and metal studs. The shoes are available in black and white.

5cm was launched in 1998 as one of I.T’s house brands. The line emphasizes sleek, three-dimensional cutting and drapery layering and is the very incarnation of moody and nocturnal aesthetics with both high-end men’s and ladies’ offerings.

George Cox was established by George Hamilton Cox in 1906. In 1949, under Cox’s stewardship, the company pioneered its signature product, the “brothel creeper”, a style for which it is famous throughout the world. Over the years the company has worked with brands such as A Bathing Ape, Hysteric Glamour, NHIZ and Chaos Punk.

The limited edition 5cm x George Cox Classic Creepers retail at i.t Singapore (#03-15 Wisma Atria) at S$399.

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