Unlock more with Adiclub – discounts, promotions and more

Unlock more with Adiclub – discounts, promotions and more

Adiclub gives us more reasons to become members, launching new promotions, giveaways and access to exclusive Adidas products because they believe you are Made For More

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You are Made For More. As Adidas puts it, we are all made to achieve more and that requires the gear that can support our pursuits. That’s where Adiclub comes in –  a membership program by Adidas that gives you exclusive access to everything you need. 

Unlock more rewards as an Adiclub member. Adidas has lined up a whole slew of rewards and perks for Adiclub members as part of their Made For More campaign. This includes access to products reserved for Adiclub members, three different giveaways, exclusive discounts, special bounce-back vouchers and more. 

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Sign up to join their giveaway contests. As of publishing, Adiclub has announced three giveaways total – you can take home a signed David Beckham Manchester United jersey, a Blue Version mini bag or a S$100 shoe customization voucher. To join, simply sign up to become an Adiclub member. 

Exclusive products are starting to roll out. The current lineup includes an oversized polo tee, shorts and two bags from the Blue Version collection – an elevated collection from Adidas Originals. 

Stay up to date by signing up today! Simply download the Adidas app to begin your journey. 

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