The Adidas BW Army returns with a Hartcopy collaboration

The Adidas BW Army returns with a Hartcopy collaboration

The collaboration between Hartcopy and Adidas on the BW Army sneaker is a testament to its origins and philosophy, as well as the importance of storytelling in the fashion industry.

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Following in the footsteps of the popular digital mood board Hidden.NY, Hartcopy is set to release a collaboration with Adidas that could introduce a new must-have sneaker for 2024. Both pages have formed a reputation for being cultural observers and the former has successfully released collaborations with Salomon and Asics based on sneakers that would eventually gain mainstream popularity. Hartcopy is set to do the same through its collaboration with Adidas on a pair of BW Army, also known as German Army Trainers (GAT). 

What is special about the collaboration?
The silhouette forms the foundation of the 2023 must-have sneaker, the Samba. It has a similar slim, training-focused profile that combines durable leather and a thin, yet functional gum outsole. The GAT was initially developed for training use within the German army and was later popularised in the fashion scene with the rise of Maison Margiela Replicas. 

Staying true to Hartcopy’s origins and philosophy of being an active archive for some of history’s most important footwear, it made sense to collaborate on an archival silhouette while retaining a similar color palette and gum outsole. Small tweaks were made to the toebox, replacing the suede T-toe with nubuck material and the addition of red zigzag lines on the lateral and medial sides of the shoe – signifying Hartcopy’s branding. 

What is Hartcopy?
Hartcopy was started by Singaporean sneakerhead Timothy Suen and British creative Sam Le Roy, delivering Instagram-based editorial content centered around footwear, collectibles and street culture. In an interview with Culted, Sam Le Roy mentioned that “Hartcopy is the purest form of sneaker content – there’s no “hype” attached, there’s no opinion, there’s no face of the platform. It’s all about the stories and historical significance behind sneakers new and old.” 

Hartcopy has amassed over 200,000 followers on its Instagram account and has released two editions of its hardback book, titled ‘The Hartcopy Journal’. Unlike other sneaker publications, Hartcopy isn’t purely fixated on the history of various brands. Instead, they focus on chronicling the sneakers that define the year of publication. 

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How to get a pair?
As of publishing, the first release of the Hartcopy x Adidas BW Trainer has closed, selling out within minutes. However, the co-founders of Hartcopy have shared on Instagram that more pairs will be dropping periodically, hinting at interested readers to refresh their website to catch a surprise drop. The shoe is set for a general release through the website and in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the release.

Model: Hartcopy x Adidas BW Army
Price: S$179
Release date: To be updated
Buy here:

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