Adidas Finally Confirms OG NMD Restock

Adidas Finally Confirms OG NMD Restock

Adidas is bringing back the OG colorway of the NMD this weekend.

Released in late 2015, the first Adidas NMD to start the whole craze is returning on January 14th.

After a number of speculations and rumors, Adidas has finally confirmed that it’ll be bringing back the NMD in its OG colorway.

This upcoming pair will sport the same core black Primeknit with a clean, white Boost cushioning and lush red as well as royal blue detailing.

Whilst the sneakers were originally sold for US$140, the retro OG colorway will retail for US$160. A slight price hike but it’s still better than copping some from resellers online for US$1,000.

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Check out the slideshow below for more product images:

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