Meet the artists who are making the new adidas Originals VivoCity flagship feel like home

Meet the artists who are making the new adidas Originals VivoCity flagship feel like home

We’re just days away from the launch of the new adidas Originals VivoCity Singapore flagship store—Home of the Originals. To mark the occasion, adidas has invited Singaporean artists Clogtwo, Yang, SONG and Mightyellow to create installations inspired by their city, to make visitors feel at home. Experience these unique creations within the flagship store when it opens on December 18.

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Singapore’s very own “Home of The Originals”

Finally Singapore gets its very own adidas Originals flagship store located at VivoCity. Dubbed the Home of the Originals, the store will be open on December 18.

Not only will the flagship store play host to the latest and widest range of adidas Originals products in Singapore, it will also be where creativity and originality find themselves at home.

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Turning this concept into reality are four Singaporean artists—Clogtwo, Yang, SONG, and Mightyellow—who have been enlisted to make their mark on the store with custom-commissioned installations, each inspired by the beautiful city of Singapore with the purpose of making the store feel more like home.

Ahead of the store opening, we’re inviting you to get to know the artists and discover the inspiration behind their creations.

Clogtwo – “ALL-CITY”

adidas originals vivocity clogtwo artist singapore

Clogtwo is regarded as one of Southeast Asia’s leading visual artists and graffiti writers who has showcased his versatility by exploring anything from spray paints to digital work.

Regardless the canvas, all of Clogtwo’s work feature his signature MechaSoul style, which incorporates intricate mechanical designs and elements. For the new adidas Originals VivoCity store, Clogtwo has chosen to reinterpret the iconic adidas Originals Trefoil logo in MechaSoul style in 3D. This electrifying standout piece, “ALL-CITY” will be hard to miss as it lights up an integral section of the store.

[pullquote] “My piece represents an ecosystem that protects, houses and connects homegrown champions, much like Singapore and adidas Originals does. The concept is rooted in the core idea of MechaSoul. Engineering™, which gives rise to the wires, cables and circuitry that interlink the elements of Singapore with the adidas Originals Trefoil icon.”

– Clogtwo [/pullquote]


Yang – “29125”

adidas originals Yang artist singapore

Yang is a multidisciplinary artist and designer whose work spans set designs, installations, and art direction for music videos for artists like The Sam Willows and Jasmine Sokko. Yang’s creative expression embodies the kind of identity that has defined the image and cultural legacy of The Three Stripes.

Her artistic contribution to the new adidas Originals VivoCity store titled “29125” is an abstract three-part sculpture inspired by the heartlands. She draws parallels between the nostalgic beauty of the void decks of Singapore’s neighborhoods with that of the classic adidas Stan Smiths to create visual tension of size and proportion.

[pullquote] ““29125” is a three-piece conversation. A code passed from one to the other—a story lived and told by three youthful companions. Weaving in the design elements of Singaporean void decks, which forms the backdrop to the Singaporean youth’s first contact with sport, this sculpture celebrates the uninhibited spirit of adolescence.”

– Yang [/pullquote]


Song – Gardens by the Beat & Merlion in Motion

adidas originals Song artist singapore

SONG is a visual artist and graffiti writer who’s part of the street art crew, RSCLS. He sees himself as an explorer, keen to make a meaningful mark on the streets all over the world, one wall at a time.

For the adidas Originals store, though, SONG is breaking down the walls. His art piece, a duo of carpets, titled “Gardens by the Beat & Merlion in Motionwill take you on a visual ride. SONG’s bold and beautiful style juxtaposed with the coziness of these rugs is further testament to SONG’s mode of operation: not sticking to the script.

[pullquote] “My inspiration has always come from the culture diversity of Singapore, inspired mainly by Buddhism and Hinduism. I wanted this project to be a reflection of the magical city that we live in by pulling from iconic imagery like that of the Merlion and the Marina Bay Sands skyline, but with a touch of SONG madness and surrealism.”

– Song [/pullquote]


Mightyellow – Tropical Playground

adidas originals mightyellow artist singapore

Mightyellow is an illustrator and visual artist whose work features recurring themes of nature and floral designs that are a portal to a colorful, whimsical and humorous alternative world to the one we currently live in.

Mightyellow’s mural for the adidas Originals VivoCity flagship, titled “Tropical Playground“, will put a smile on faces with its positive energy reverberating off its playful leading characters. Located near the fitting room, you might find yourself popping into the fitting room again just to get a second look at this vibrant piece!

[pullquote] “My mural is a nod to Singapore’s evolution from tropical jungle to trading port, to a vibrant garden city. Rambutan characters playfully exit a tree—jumping, swinging, tying their shoelaces and getting ready for some fun, evoking the youthful individuality and spirit of independence that best represent adidas Originals. All this is set against a backdrop of mangroves and wild nutmeg—a tropical playground for those who are game for adventure.”

– Mightyellow [/pullquote]

adidas Home Of The Originals Tag Blue

The adidas Originals flagship store, located at #B1-05/06/07/11 VivoCity, Singapore, opens from December 18. Be sure to head to the store to check out each artist’s unique installation and shop the latest adidas Originals collection.

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