adidas Ultra Boost Ltd. “Silver”

adidas Ultra Boost Ltd. “Silver”

Here’s a look at the adidas Ultra Boost Ltd. “Silver”.


The adidas Ultra Boost has been the “it” shoe the past few days after Kanye was seen wearing the white rendition of the Ultra Boost during his performance at “Powerhouse 2015”. Pre-orders at were completely sold out and this just goes to show Kanye’s influence on the sneaker game for he can make general releases sell out.

Over the weekend a pair of silver Ultra Boosts went up for pre-order on (US site) dubbed as Ultra Boost Ltd. It features a sophisticated silver upper housed on a white midsole and black sole. Do stay tuned for releases of various colorways of the adidas Ultra Boosts over the next few months each retailing at a retail price of S$289. Meanwhile, you can still get the OG black and purple version of the Ultra Boost here.(Kanye wore them too)

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