adidas Yeezy 3 Boost: Preview

adidas Yeezy 3 Boost: Preview

The adidas Yeezy 3 Boost has been unveiled. What are your thoughts? 


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Months of teasing have come to an end. This morning, the adidas Yeezy 3 boost was unveiled.

According to Ibn Jasper (Kanye’s barber) and rapper Theophilus London, this will be the first colorway released. It’s definitely not your average sneaker in its appearance, and it reportedly can be worn in five different ways.

According to Nice Kicks, those hoping to get their hands (or feet) on the adidas Yeezy 3 Boost can do so via a limited run in NYC via the adidas Confirmed App. The shoes will be available in other cities at a later date, however, no firm date has been drawn up yet.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian West has been given the mammoth task of managing the friends and family distribution of the adidas Yeezy 3 Boost:

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Image via Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian on Instagram)


What are your thoughts on the adidas Yeezy 3 Boost? Sound off in Comments below.

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