Air Jordan 1 High “Banned”

Air Jordan 1 High “Banned”

Standing tall and proud, the Air Jordan 1 High “Banned”, the most popular iteration from the Jordan series, is back.

31 years after it first hit the court, the Air Jordan 1 High “Banned” enjoys another re-issue this weekend.

Arguably the most iconic sneaker from the Jordan line of basketball shoes, the Air Jordan 1 High “Banned” was made famous when it was disallowed from competition.

Its color scheme did not meet the NBA’s criteria at that time, but Nike knew they were onto something good, and so Michael Jordan continued to wear these to the court, despite attracting a hefty fine every time he did so.

Today, this sneaker will attract much attention, but only because it’s one of the most coveted Jordan sneakers out in the market. It’s reached pinnacle status in the sneaker universe, and every re-issue is much sought after.

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Priced at £125 (~S$224), the Air Jordan 1 High “Banned” will be available at stores like Hanon on September 3rd. It will be hard to cop, so you might have to pull out all the stops to land a pair.

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