Air Max Vote Back: You Decide the Next Air Max Retro

Air Max Vote Back: You Decide the Next Air Max Retro

“Air Max Vote Back” gives sneakerheads and fans the opportunity to determine which sneaker is most worthy to be retro-ed.

Nike Air Max Vote Back

Nike Air Max Vote Back campaign lets you decide which Air Max will be retro-ed

The “Air Max Vote Back” campaign, which runs from now till March 25th, lets you decide which Air Max will make a comeback. All this, in celebration of Air Max Day (March 26th).

All you have to do is visit the Air Max Vote Back website and cast your vote for your choice. Whether it is to see a classic OG from the 80s being resurrected, or a modern release make a comeback, you’d be glad to know there are over 100 major releases from the Air Max archive to choose from.

At this point, the Air Max 1 “Atmos Elephant” is in the lead, with the Air Max 90 “Lunar Lunar” and “Warhawk” trailing closely. All good choices, but this stands to change once word of this contest spreads (and it has).

Nike Air Max Vote Back Current Overall Standings

The Air Max 1 “Atmos Elephant”, which released in 2006, leads the current overall standings

Besides the voting system, the website also has a filter that shows the top three kicks most coveted by sneakerheads in any particular region. Each featured sneaker is accompanied by its origin story, and sneakerheads can also look to the site as a guide of sorts, to tally up the pairs in their collection against the total number of releases.

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Voting ends March 25th, one day shy of Air Max Day, which takes place on March 26th. On March 26th, 1987, Nike released the Air Max 1 and revolutionized its sneaker lineup. The Air Max technology marked the first time air cushioning in a shoe was made visible, and its widespread popularity led to a whole family of releases such as the Air Max 90 and the Air Max 360.

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