Always in Beta: New Balance Introduces New Campaign

Always in Beta: New Balance Introduces New Campaign

New Balance has a new campign and it’s titled “Always in Beta”.


New Balance reveals its latest brand campaign, Always in Beta, which focuses on inspiring athletes to push one’s personal boundaries and to be better than one was yesterday.

“The campaign highlights our commitment to not rest on past successes, but be dedicated in our focus to continually push forward, to improve and aggressively deliver our best,” said Rob DeMartini, president and CEO at New Balance.

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The highlight of this campaign is “The Storm”,  a video which follows a runner reaching her limits; she is then caught in a storm of New Balance-sponsored professional athletes in their respective elements from running, baseball, tennis, soccer and triathlons. This video embodies the company’s vision of perpetually evolving, progressing and never giving up. Watch “The Storm” below:

Source: Marketing Interactive

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