An Eminent Takeover: Creatives Occupy Eminent Plaza Before it’s Reduced to Rubble

Old school “vice mall” Eminent Plaza on Lavender Street gets taken over by artists and musicians this month before it finally bows out for demolition in October this year.


Eminent Plaza may be reduced to rubble come October 2014, but the mall that gained a notorious reputation back in its heyday will be going out with a bang, thanks to a unique takeover by Tact Space and THE RSC.

For the whole of September, creativity will flourish within the walls of Eminent Plaza, as art and music come together to occupy what was once karaoke lounges, massage parlors and office spaces. Under the banner of #urbanisme, An Eminent Takeover explores a familiar building in an unfamiliar way. Expect to hear sounds from several local bands, and see the works of an array of artists, all under one roof.

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An Eminent Takeover
5 – 24 September 2014
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Venue: Eminent Plaza, 195 Lavender Street, Singapore 338758

Artists: Adeline Kueh, Khairuddin Hori, Kray Chen, Liana Yang, Malvina Tan, Mojoko, Shawn Lim
Bands: Cashew Chemists, Pleasantry, A N E C H O I S
Supported by: Statement, Fhage, DCNSTRCT, Canopus Distro, DUNCE

Visit the official event page for more information!

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