Anti Social Social Club Has its Eye on Asia

Anti Social Social Club Has its Eye on Asia

Anti Social Social Club is giving its brand the Asian treatment.

Dropping March 18, at 10am (EST), the Anti Social Social Club Asia-exclusive collection will launch via the brand’s new Chinese webstore.

First teased on Instagram a couple of days ago, Anti Social Social Club gave fans a taste of what’s to come from its upcoming Asia-exclusive capsule collection.

The collection will feature the usual lineup of hoodies, t-shirts, and hats all featuring different color palettes on its iconic logo with some pieces featuring China’s flag.

While little information on the Asia-exclusive collection is available, some commenters on Instagram speculate that key pieces in the collection might feature other flags like that of Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, and Singapore.

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Additionally, if the Instagram caption (pictured above) is anything to go by, the capsule collection will ship exclusively to only six countries, all of them in Asia. 

It seems the collection commemorates the launch of the brand’s new Asian webstore – The website features Mandarin text as well as links to the brand’s Asian Instagram page littered with pictures of Asian celebrities, a locked Weibo account, and a Beijing launch date. We’re guessing Anti Social Social Club is looking to cash in on the Chinese market big time. 

Could we expect more Asia-exclusive collections? Maybe a Shanghai flagship? Only time will tell.

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