Apple Music Festival 2015 will be Broadcast for Free

Apple Music Festival 2015 will be Broadcast for Free

The annual iTunes Festival has been renamed the Apple Music Festival, and instead of running for a month, it has been shortened to just 10 days. Apple is making up for this by allowing fans to stream this year’s edition for free via the Apple Music app.


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Artists such as Pharrell Williams, One Direction, Florence + The Machine, Disclosure and more are set to headline the Apple Music Festival and take the stage at London’s Roundhouse from September 19th to 28th, where they will thrill both the physical crowd in attendance as well as those watching from their Apple devices.

Through the Connect feature in the Apple Music app, fans can also keep up to date with backstage news and footage from the various artists. If you haven’t subscribed to Apple Music already, you may want to start your complimentary three-month trial now and enjoy the free live performances from Apple Music Festival when it happens.

Visit Apple Music Festival’s official website for updates to the lineup and learn more about Apple Music here.

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