Apple Music Streaming Service: Coming to You in June 2015

Apple Music Streaming Service: Coming to You in June 2015

Another music streaming service – this time it’s provided by tech giant, Apple.

Apple is about to step in the ring with Spotify and Rdio with its latest Beats-based music subscription service. There is no official name for this service yet but what we do know is that it leverages on Beats’ technologies and music content.

This service will not be an app but is rumored to be part of an upgrade on iTunes and iOS 8.4 or 9.0. Apple is set to make its announcement during The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June this year. 

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According to 9to5mac, the Apple music streaming service will be based heavily upon cloud streaming and that its new service will be centered around the user’s music library.

Other features include a new search feature, which will be able to locate any song in the iTunes or Beats catalog, and users will be able to stream music from the catalog as well as add songs to their personal libraries.

Users can customize their track lists by selecting specific tracks to store on their iOS devices and/or computers, or to keep all songs solely in the cloud. They can also customize their music according to their activities.

There’s also a social element to the service – Apple will update Beats’ social networking features, allowing people to follow other users and artists.

Users of this service will be expected to pay a monthly fee of US$7.99 which is more affordable than its competitors Rdio and Google Play Music – both charge US$9.99 per month. But, will Apple be able to win over Spotify fans after Spotify’s switch to a subscription-free service? That remains to be seen.

For a more in-depth read of what is to come, head over to 9to5mac

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