Apple Releases New Emojis with iOS 8.3

Apple Releases New Emojis with iOS 8.3

Taking a big step towards the future of texting, Apple has included over 300 new and diverse emojis with its latest software update.

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Apple has just released iOS 8.3, the latest software update for your Apple mobile device. Yes, there are bug fixes and whatnot included in the update, but what really stands out are the new emojis.

The tech giant has included 300 new emoticons featuring an array of new country flags, emojis representing LGBT families and emoji people of six different skin tones to represent the various ethnic groups. Just tap and hold on the emoji of your choice and a pop-up will appear for you to select the skin color (this however does not apply to the LGBT family emojis).

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Another update we like: The dancing girls emoji characters are now dressed in Playboy Bunny-esque costumes.

With iOS 8.3, sending emojis has also been made much easier with a new streamlined interface. It features infinite scrolling throughout all categories while the option to jump straight to the category of your choice is available.

On a side note, if you send a new emoji to a party that has not updated to the latest iOS, they will not be able to view the new emoji. Oh, and don’t forget to back up your phone before performing an update!

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