Apple Has Sold 1 Billion iPhones

Apple Has Sold 1 Billion iPhones

Despite stiff competition in the smartphone market, Apple has managed to sell its one billionth iPhone.


Although iPhone sales have been less-than-stellar recently, the number of Apple smartphones sold have reached one billion units in total.

“Last week we passed another major milestone when we sold the billionth iPhone,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “We never set out to make the most, but we’ve always set out to make the best products that make a difference. Thank you to everyone at Apple for helping change the world every day.”

Since Apple released its first smartphone nine years ago, the company has launched product upgrades year-on-year.

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Functions like Retina Display, a front-facing camera and 3D Touch have been introduced over time, and Apple has even gone back to the drawing board, increasing the screen size for the 6 Plus and most recently, shrinking it for the SE.

Apple is expected to announce its next iPhone in September, but the rumors suggest that only incremental changes will be made this year. Stay tuned for updates.

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