ASICS Introduces a New Running Specialty Store and the ASICS Foot ID System

ASICS Introduces a New Running Specialty Store and the ASICS Foot ID System

Get your ideal running shoe at ASICS’ latest running specialty store, with the help of the ASICS Foot ID system.


In addition to five existing stores, ASICS recently opened its newest running specialty store at Suntec City, Singapore, which spans across 1,615 feet. The latest ASICS Store highlights diversity in running by presenting a wide selection of running shoes and athletic equipment.

What sets the new store apart from the others is the technologically-advanced ASICS Foot ID System, a first in Singapore, where trained staff perform detailed analysis of the customer’s feet and running form.

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ASICS Foot ID System occupies a designated area inside the ASICS store and is where static and dynamic measurements are taken, including foot shape and gait cycle analysis. Both indicators help runners pick out the most suitable pair of running shoes depending on their running style and physiology.


ASICS also invites running enthusiasts to join the ASICS Running Club, hosted at the ASICS Suntec Store,  where weekly runs are conducted on Wednesday. These running sessions cater to runners of all levels, covering a range of distances at different paces. 

Head over to ASICS for more information.

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