BeardSwipe: Beardprint Recognition Technology

BeardSwipe: Beardprint Recognition Technology

Step aside fingerprint recognition technology, here comes BeardSwipe, a first of its kind beardprint recognition technology. 



You already know about the perks of having facial hair, so if you’ve got a beard, and a good sense of humor, you’d enjoy BeardSwipe, the first beardprint recognition technology (BRT) for mobile devices.

Instead of the run-of-mill fingerprint recognition technology, BeardSwipe allows you to pick up calls, with just a swipe of your beard across the screen of your mobile device. BRT is able to capture a man’s (or woman’s) unique follicle pattern; it purports to track density and coarseness to a degree of remarkable precision.

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We won’t spoil the fun for you, so check out the “app” here.

Images via BeardSwipe

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