Beyonce Gives Fans a Closer Look at the Jay-Z x PUMA “4:44” Sneakers

Beyonce Gives Fans a Closer Look at the Jay-Z x PUMA “4:44” Sneakers

Beyonce is the first person to wear the Jay-Z x PUMA “4:44” sneakers out in public.

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Beyonce gave fans a closer look at the Jay-Z x PUMA “4:44” sneaker in her latest Instagram video.

The video, titled a day in the life of a Goddess, features Bey’s routine and outfit of the day styled to the tune of Jay-Z’s track, “Caught Their Eyes”.

Close-up photos reveal that the finalized sneaker design bears close resemblance to the sample.

A slight difference, however, is that Beyonce’s sneakers are numbered “1.44” since she’s the recipient of the very first pair out of the 44 pairs in circulation. The sneakers will also come with Jay-Z’s 4:44 track listing printed on its left insole.

Close up of Beyonce’s Puma “4:44”

Cool as the shoes may be, the serialized sneaker worn by Beyonce is just a harsh reminder that these are strictly F&F.

What will it take to orbit in Jay-Z’s stratosphere? We haven’t quite figured out. Till then, we can only hope for a wider release of the shoe, if and when it does get re-issued.

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