Biggie Sneaker Collab in the Making? Possibly, According to Diddy

Biggie Sneaker Collab in the Making? Possibly, According to Diddy

A Biggie sneaker collab may be brewing, reveals Diddy in the latest ep of Sneaker Shopping‘s.

In the latest ep of Sneaker Shopping, Diddy revealed that Gucci and Jordan brand have expressed interest in a Biggie sneaker collab.

“I got some first renderings and I was like ‘Biggie wouldn’t wear this’ and you know he’d be yelling at me from the heavens above like ‘why you got me with some whack kicks on?'” said Diddy.

Interestingly, the hip-hop mogul reveals that Biggie wasn’t so much a sneaker guy, and that he’d rather spend his money on weed.

Diddy also reminisced about his “early sneaker days” and how he used to shop at a now-defunct sneaker store in the Bronx called Jew Man’s – the only store in New York City to carry the Nike Air Force 1s until 1988.

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Photo: A screenshot of Diddy’s new purchase – the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

By the end of the episode, the “Last Night” musician dropped a whopping US$4,500 (approx. S$6,218) on seven pairs of sneakers.

Diddy’s purchases include the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG and the Air Jordan Limited Edition Defining Moments Pack.

Watch the Sneaker Shopping ep featuring Diddy in the video above.

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