Here’s What Black Panther Looks Like in “Captain America: Civil War”

Here’s What Black Panther Looks Like in “Captain America: Civil War”

If the just-released first trailer for Captain America: Civil War is anything to go by, comic book fans will have a visual feast when the movie hits cinemas next May.

The jaw-dropping trailer not only shows off the new line-up of Avengers in superhero action, it gives viewers a big reveal of Black Panther, one of the most revered Marvel heroes whose appearance on the big screen has been longwaited to say the least.

There’s definitely no love lost between Iron Man and Captain America, and it all comes to a head in this movie. We’ve felt the animosity between these two characters on more than one occasion, and we can now be rest assured that their differences will prove too much to handle, as it sets them on a collision course against each other.

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Marvel has another card up its sleeves, and that’s the debut of Spiderman. His appearance is one to look out for, as a deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures has paved the way for the web-slinger to cross over and rub shoulders with other Marvel superheroes.

Watch the trailer above, and let us know what you think!

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