Bourdain Market Will Bring International Street Food to New York

Bourdain Market Will Bring International Street Food to New York

Street food from all over the world can make Bourdain Market their home once it opens, hopefully this year. More details on Anthony Bourdain’s pet project here.

Anthony Bourdain

Over a year ago, street-food lover and TV host Anthony Bourdain announced plans to open a massive New York food market, named Bourdain Market, that would serve international street food like those found in Singapore. At the recent Singapore’s World Street Food Congress, his business partner Stephen Werther revealed more details about the project.

Even though the exact location of Bourdain Market is still under wraps, Werther revealed the following juicy facts:

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  • The space will take its design inspiration from Blade Runner and the back alleys of Tokyo, amongst other things
  • There will be an extensive farmers market area and an “authentic hawker center” that will house the food stalls
  • Singapore’s street food expert K.F. Seetoh is involved in the planning of Bourdain Market
  • Veteran street food vendors from across the world will be hawking their cuisines, and to ensure high quality and standards, Bourdain Market reserves the right to kick out any vendor who is not up to scratch
  • Bourdain Market will be crowded and chaotic, like a true hawker center should be. Expect to queue up for the food, despite the casual setting of the market

Werther also shared an illustration of the 1,500 foot oyster bar that will occupy part of the farmers market area:

Two months ago, design firm Roman and Williams shed some light into how Bourdain Market would look like, with a rendering that gives the market a Dean and Deluca vibe:


Anthony Bourdain’s pet project should open sometime this year, and we reckon it could be the most sought-after food paradise – at least for a while!

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