Frank Ocean, Brad Pitt Put on Bromantic Display at FYF Fest

Frank Ocean, Brad Pitt Put on Bromantic Display at FYF Fest

Looks like Frank Ocean and Brad Pitt’s bromance has reached new heights.

Frank Ocean sang “Close to You” while Brad Pitt appeared onstage and on a projector screen at the FYF Fest.

According to US Magazine, the singer was in the middle of his set when he told concertgoers that he was going to cover his favorite song – Stevie Wonder’s rendition of “Close to You”. As Ocean sang, an image of Brad Pitt appeared on the stage screen.

Then, mid-song, the Inglorious Basterds actor actually came on stage to act out a phone conversation. Both Pitt and Ocean did not acknowledge each other but fans note that the 53-year-old actor looked “sad” (comment below).


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The bromance was most likely sparked by Pitt’s compliments about Ocean in his GQ interview in May 2017. In the interview, Pitt called the musician “special” and “painfully honest”. Following that, Ocean repaid the compliment by wearing a shirt with Pitt’s face on it to the Parklife Festival.

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