Casio G-Shock Gold x Black Color Series

Casio G-Shock Gold x Black Color Series

Continuing to deliver eye-catching pieces in style and panache, Casio G-SHOCK releases four new timepieces in two-tone golden hues this Spring.


Perfectly illustrating G-SHOCK’s ability to seamlessly meld technological performance with an impressively elevated look and feel. With each model’s striking series showcasing both toughness and durability that the G-SHOCK is recognized for, its modern revamp is both refreshing and distinctly voguish.

The collection boasts a wide range of features showcasing the watch’s rugged capabilities, some of which include Shock Resistance, 200M Water Resistance, Auto LED, Flash Alert and World Time. In addition, the watches include a stopwatch function, a mute function and a speed indicator.

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The Gold x Black Series is currently available through select department stores and fashion boutiques. For more information, visit the G-SHOCK website.

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