Empowering the Bold with CAT Footwear

The CAT Footwear Fall/Winter 2017 collection empowers its wearer with the confidence and comfort to go out and accomplish extraordinary things.

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The CAT Footwear Fall/Winter 2017 collection fuses the brand’s rugged sensibility with modern silhouettes and durable styling.

For Fall/Winter 2017, CAT draws inspiration from the founding principles of Caterpillar Inc – willpower and determination. The campaign, titled “Go Boldly“, is a rallying cry for people to get out into the world and achieve something extraordinary.

In order to bring this pioneering spirit to life, the CAT Footwear Fall/Winter 2017 collection is showcased in a series of cinemagraphs that represent the consideration of comfort, innovation, and authenticity that go into the making of CAT footwear.

Here are the standout designs from each of the three categories for the season:

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City-Built – Powered by Innovation

(Gil Canvas Waterproof on the left; Deplete Waterproof on the right – both retail at S$169)

The City-Built range comprises two modern silhouettes – the Gil Canvas Waterproof (left) and the Deplete Waterproof (right).

The Gil Canvas Waterproof is a sleek urban boot that’s ready to conquer the elements. Featuring a waterproof leather and canvas upper, it sits on top of an EASE midsole and footbed for lightweight comfort and cushioning.

The Deplete Waterproof, the more rugged-looking of the two, features a waterproof leather upper. This boot is surprisingly comfy, thanks to its microfiber lining and EASE Comfort Technology.


(Chronicle on the left retails at S$159; Boon on the right retails at S$169)

The ICONS range offers two classic silhouettes – the Chronicle (left) and the Boon (right).

The Chronicle is a nondescript boot that’s best paired with jeans. The classic boot comes with a full grain leather upper and contrasting rubber outsoles. The Chronicle also comes equipped with a Poliyou footbed for superior comfort.

The Boon, available in two colors, is a versatile and rugged boot with jagged rubber outsoles and a high collar. Equipped with a zipper on the side, you’ll never need to fuss over laces again.

The Power of Comfort – Powered by COMFORT

(Duke on the left; Trey on the right – both retail at S$149)

Finally, there’s the Power of Comfort line, which features two iconic silhouettes. Dubbed the Duke (left) and the Trey (right), these options take style and comfort to the next level.

The Duke is the more casual of the two, and will always be a cinch to match – regardless of outfit. It comes with full grain leather upper with EASE footbed for lightweight comfort.

The Trey make the perfect beaters. This everyday boot comes in either leather or nubuck, and can be worn all day without discomfort. Like the Duke, the Trey comes fitted with an EASE footbed.

The CAT Footwear Fall/Winter 2017 collection is now available at Stadium (Takashimaya S.C.) and all Royal Sporting House stores (excluding factory outlet stores).

Watch the following video to learn more about the “Go Boldly” campaign.

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