Is this the New 2017/2018 Chelsea Home Kit by Nike?

Is this the New 2017/2018 Chelsea Home Kit by Nike?

The leaked images on Twitter were accompanied by some information that claims the jerseys are Chelsea’s home kit for 2017/2018.

Chelsea’s 2017/2018 Nike designed home kits have been leaked on Twitter.

First reported by The Sun, the leaked designs feature a diamond grid pattern against the football team’s iconic blue jersey.

If the leaked images are indeed genuine, it seems like Nike drew inspiration heavily from the Chelsea home kit worn by the club 30 years ago. The diamond grid design was previously worn by Chelsea between 1987 to 1989, during The Football League tournament in which the team won its second division title unexpectedly.

Photo: The Sun

Despite the nostalgic influence behind the home kits, it looks like modern-day Chelsea fans aren’t happy with the new design. Negative comments on Twitter range from describing the kits as “dogshit” to calling it puke-worthy.

While the original source of the Twitter leak has not yet been found, some Chelsea fans on Reddit speculate that the leaked design might be fake, claiming it could be a mockup by a Chinese company instead.

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A quick recap: Chelsea signed a £60 million-a-year (approx. S$105 million) with Nike after ending its decade-long partnership with Adidas in 2016.

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