Unrecognizable Celebrity Wax Figures, This Chinese Wax Museum is a Flop

Unrecognizable Celebrity Wax Figures, This Chinese Wax Museum is a Flop

Sichuan Province gets its own wax museum with unrecognizable celebrity wax figures created without prior permissions obtained. Here’s a look at what netizens are calling the “ugliest wax museum”.


Wax figures of Maggie Cheung (left), Zhang Ziyi (middle) and Gong Li (right) looking nothing like the real people (Image via China Daily)

There’s a new Chinese wax museum in town and it’s ugly as heck. Located in Sichuan Province, the museum displays wax figures of the likes of Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li that bear zero resemblance to the celebrities in real life.

Despite this, Zhang Shouxiang, the creator of these wax figures and a former curator at the Beijing Wax Museum, has defended his work. According to the China Daily, the artist has said “it is normal for a wax figure to not look exactly like the person it is supposed to depict.”


Clockwise from top left: Wax figures of Jay Chou, Jet Li, Andy Lau and Stephen Chow (Image via SCMP)

But it doesn’t matter what he thinks. The South China Morning Post reports that Zhang Ziyi’s wax figure was displayed without her authorization, and her lawyers will be taking action to have her figure removed from the museum.

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Hey Zhang Shouxiang, Madame Tussads called – she wants her job back.

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