Coming Soon: Apollo Moc from Native Shoes

Built on the philosophy of “Future Classics”, Native Shoes is changing the way shoes are made. Just take a look at its Apollo Moc shoes and see what makes them unique.


Native Shoes, the brand that conceptualizes and builds its footwear around the “Future Classics” philosophy, will be introducing its Apollo Moc shoes to Singapore in February 2015. The Apollo Moc is Native Shoes’ newest silhouette and blends classic footwear design with what the brand calls “Future Fabrics” – super light materials resulting from innovative technology.

Each part of the Apollo Moc, such as the sleek micro-fiber blend uppers, shock absorbent EVA outsole with rubber inserts, no-sew construction and perforations for maximum airflow, contribute to the shoe’s status as an evolutionary product. Did we also mention that the shoes are washable? Like all other Native Shoes, the Apollo Moc is 100% free from animal by-products.

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Stay tuned to Straatosphere for more updates on the launch of the Apollo Moc shoes.

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