Complete Guide to Li-Ning Basketball Shoes

Complete Guide to Li-Ning Basketball Shoes

Did you know that the brand, Li-Ning, was named after the three-time Olympics gold medallist, Li Ning? Scroll down for the complete guide to Li-Ning basketball shoes.


The History of Li-Ning

Founded in 1990 by former Chinese gymnast Li Ning, the eponymous brand started as a small company in Beijing. Li Ning understood the importance of sports gear which both performed well and looked good. This approach enabled Li-Ning to develop distinct products that gained immense popularity in China and enabled the brand to expand globally – becoming a major player in the sportswear industry.

The brand’s journey into basketball began in 2005 when Li-Ning signed NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal which made a bold statement in the basketball world. Since then, the brand has continued to collaborate with basketball stars, including Dwyane Wade, D’Angelo Rusell, Jimmy Butler and CJ McCollum. With each partnership, Li-Ning continued to cement its presence on the hardwood court. 

The Hoop-Ready Aesthetics

Li-Ning’s basketball line is a fusion of style and substance. The brand’s designers understand that how you look on court is just as important as your skills. From high-performance sneakers to stylish jerseys, Li-Ning has created a lineup that caters to both professional athletes and streetwear enthusiasts.

One standout feature of Li-Ning’s basketball sneakers is the cutting-edge technology incorporated into their design. From responsive cushioning to lightweight materials, their shoes are engineered to enhance a player’s performance on the court. 

The attention to detail extends to the aesthetics. Most of their sneakers arrive in bold colorways and futuristic silhouettes that make a statement both on and off the court. Many liken their futuristic designs to spacecraft designs featured in sci-fi films. 

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Breaking Stereotypes: Li-Ning’s Impact

Li-Ning’s entrance into the basketball world marked a shift in the dominance of Western sportswear brands. The brand has challenged stereotypes, proving that high-quality, stylish athletic gear can come from anywhere in the world. Its success has become a symbol of China’s rising influence in the global fashion and sports industries. 

Li-Ning’s basketball line boasts a variety of iconic shoe models that have left an indelible mark on the hardwood. The “Way of Wade” series, a collaboration with NBA legend Dwyane Wade, stands out for its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, offering players the perfect fusion of style and performance. Notable models include the ‘Way of Wade 10’, ‘Wade 808 2’ and ‘Wade All City 11’. The “Sonic” series, with its emphasis on speed and agility, caters to the fast-paced player, while the “Power” line, featuring robust construction and stability, is a favorite among power forwards and centers. 

Each model in Li-Ning’s basketball repertoire reflects a thoughtful blend of athleticism and aesthetics, embodying the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and style on the court.

Check out the list below for the best basketball shoes from Li-Ning:

Model: Li-Ning Way of Wade 10 Low ‘Cherry Blossom’
Price: S$265 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

Li Ning basketball shoes WOW 10 Low Cherry BlossomGOAT

Model: Li-Ning Way of Wade 10 ‘White Hot’
Price: S$474 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

Li Ning basketball shoes WOW 10 White HotGOAT

Model: Li-Ning Way of Wade 10 ‘Lavender’
Price: S$388 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

Li Ning basketball shoes WOW 10 LavenderGOAT

Model: Li-Ning Wade 808 2 Ultra ‘Oxygen’
Price: S$207 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

Li Ning basketball shoesWade 808 2GOAT

Model: Li-Ning Wade All City 11 V2 ‘Sky’
Price: S$154 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

Li Ning Wade All City 11 v2GOAT

Model: Li-Ning Sonic 10 Team ‘Lilac Purple Pale Banana’
Price: S$161 (US9)
Buy here:

Li Ning Sonic GOAT

Model: Li-Ning Power 8 V2 ‘Black’
Price: S$159 (US9)
Buy here: GOAT

Li Ning powerGOAT

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