Watch: Converse CONS #HashtagLaterTour

Last December, Andrew Brophy, Jeff Gonzales, Geng Jakkarin and others from the Converse CONS APAC Team skated through the untouched spots of Kunming and Nanning, China. Here’s a video that documents their tour.

Rolling through the country in search of virgin spots, the Converse CONS APAC skate team embarked on the #HashtagLaterTour, a two-week trip around Kunming and Nanning, China, in December last year.

The video stars Converse CONS ambassadors Andrew Brophy, Jeff Gonzales, Geng Jakkarin, Lert Saeri, Absar Lebeh and Tao Kitpullap.

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With endless wall rides, being stuck in the middle of nowhere, sleek double-corner bowls, smooth transitions and a couple of kickflips here and there, you’re in for a real treat.

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