Converse CONS Project Singapore – 11 to 12 April 2014

Converse CONS Project Singapore – 11 to 12 April 2014

This week, you can pick up street art, DJ-ing and even learn to create your own skate insta-videos through the workshops offered by the Converse CONS Project Singapore. Read on to find out more.


Sneaker brand Converse will be launching CONS Project Singapore, a weekend of interactive activities catered specially for the community.

Day one of the Project will be held at Aliwal Arts Centre and features two interactive street art workshops conducted by Clogtwo, Inkten and Zero of the RSCLS crew. Participants will get insights, learn techniques and even create a mural and silkscreen posters with the artists. There’ll also be a DJ workshop conducted by homegrown DJ, KoFlow, who’ll be teaching techniques such as scratching.

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Day two of the project will feature a skate insta-video workshop conducted by the Converse APAC Skate Team and Preduce. Participants will be guided on filming techniques for skateboarding and how to edit insta-videos. All are encouraged to bring their own skateboards, smartphones or any sports video recording equipment. Wrapping up the event is an after-party at Aliwal Arts Centre. Additional details here and program information can be found here:

Dates: Friday & Saturday, April 11th & 12th
Time: 1pm – 9pm (Friday), 4pm – 9pm (Saturday)
Venue: Aliwal Arts Centre Studio 1-A/1-B & Sultan Gate

Program – Day 1
12.30pm: Registration for street art workshop session 1
1pm – 3pm: Street art workshop 1 by Inkten & Clogtwo
3.30pm: Registration for street art workshop session 2
4pm – 6pm: Street art workshop 2 by Zero
6.30pm: Registration for DJ workshop
7pm – 9pm: DJ workshop by DJ KoFlow

Program – Day 2
3.30pm: Registration for skate insta-video workshop
4pm: Skate insta-video workshop at 71 Sultan Gate
7pm: After-party at Aliwal Arts Centre

Converse CONS Project Singapore is free and open for all. Register your attendance here.

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