Converse Renew all colors
FOOTWEAR Published: May 14, 2020 Updated: May 20, 2020  |  WORDS: Eshwaran Subramaniam

These Converse sneakers made with post-industrial waste get renewed with a splash of color

The Converse Renew collection is made with upcycled textiles and recycled cotton.

Converse Renew tri color close up

The next Converse Renew collection will come in a splash of summer-ready colors inspired by earthy tones.

The Converse Renew range of sneakers fuses sustainable production methods with their classic Chuck Taylors. Their first collection, released in July 2019, comprised of Chuck Taylors made from recycled canvas, denim, and cotton. The latest Converse Renew collection is made from recycled cotton.

Converse Renew tri color high top

The canvas used on the sneaker consists of 80% virgin cotton and 20% recycled cotton, each one dyed in colors inspired by earthy, muted tones. These canvas panels are merged to form a tri-color sneaker that is colorful, yet subtle.

Converse Renew tri color low top

Those who prefer a blank canvas can gun for the monotone egret variation. The sneaker uses the same tri-panel construction as its sibling but is made with an undyed yarn blend. This blend uses 30% egret and white cotton scraps with 30% recycled PET and 40% virgin cotton.

Converse Renew monotone egret

All sneakers from the summer Converse Renew collection will drop on May 15 on

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