Dawn Ang a.k.a. Aeropalmics Impresses with #36DaysofType Art

Dawn Ang a.k.a. Aeropalmics Impresses with #36DaysofType Art

Artist Dawn Ang tries her hand at graphic typography for #36DaysofType, and the resulting artworks will blow you away.

Artist and illustrator Dawn Ang (also known as Aeropalmics) has sent us into a tizzy with her latest work, an ongoing project that’s centered on the creation of graphic typography.

Giving the ongoing #36DaysofType on Instagram a whirl, Dawn showcases her intricate skills with pencils and digital media by meshing multiple elements together to create letters like you’ve never seen before.

Keep up with Dawn’s ongoing development of more letters by following her on Instagram (@aeropalmics). You can also wear Dawn’s art with the “Unity” t-shirt which is available for purchase here.

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