DBL STD Series II: Fake Pocket Tee and Yusof Tee

DBL STD Series II: Fake Pocket Tee and Yusof Tee

The DBL STD Series II collection features tees that make you think – there’s a Fake Pocket Tee and a Yusof Tee. Why a fake pocket and who’s Yusof? Read on.

By Kim Hana
Photos courtesy of DBL STD

While pocket tees have long been a staple in the wardrobe, the pockets on tees were never really meant to be used. The creators of DBL STD therefore decided to create fake pockets, because “If it is only for show, why show it?”

The Yusof Tee pays homage to the first President of Singapore – Encik Yusof Ishak (you did know that, right?) – the face we see on the dollar notes of our currency. The Yusof slogan is watermarked with Singapore dollar notes – a reminder that in this nation, cash is king. 

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